Hero teen steer school bus from danger, saves dozens of children on board

Alabama high school student Jesse Frank was riding the bus home last month when he suddenly felt the vehicle start to veer off the road.

Children on the bus shrieked as they watched the driver, who was suffering a medical emergency, collapse behind the wheel — but the Pell City High School senior remained calm. The teenager sprung into action, bolting to the front of the bus and taking control of the steering wheel.

“I looked back at her [the driver] and she had her head rolled back, hands off the steering wheel, and I was like, yeah, I should do something,” Frank told CBS affiliate WIAT

Frank used one of his hands to push down on the brake until the bus came to a halt. He then dialed 911 and waited for assistance before removing his hand from the pedal. After help arrived, officials say, Frank stuck around to comfort the younger children who were shaken up.

“It didn’t seem that complicated in my head. I just planned out a few simple steps. I didn’t think it would be that hard to execute them,” said Frank to WIAT. “There were several elementary students crying. One of them asked to borrow my cellphone to make a phone call to their parents.”

School officials are now hailing Frank as a hero and crediting him with helping save the lives of 38 students on board — most of them elementary school students.

“There was no surprise, you know, if there was anybody out there who could go out there and take an action, he would be the one at the front of the list,” his principal, Tony Dowdy, told WIAT.

At a recent City Council meeting, Pell City Mayor Bill Pruitt presented Frank with a key to the city. 

“Jesse is a hero to all of those children and their families, and he is certainly a hero to us,” the mayor wrote in a Facebook post on Sunday. “When asked for a comment, Jesse said that he didn’t think what he had done was really that big of a deal at the time. I don’t guess you would when helping others is just part of who you are.”

Dressed in his ROTC uniform, Frank humbly accepted the award.

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Some Lake Central students now buckling up

school buses in line

Phil Wieland Times Correspondent
ST. JOHN — Lake Central School Corp. has became the first district in Northwest Indiana to have buses equipped with seat belts.

Christian Flores, of the district’s transportation department, told the School Board that Monday was the first day the five buses equipped with lap and shoulder harnesses were in service. The school bought five replacement buses and used them to transport students to Watson Elementary and Grimmer and Clark middle schools in addition to Lake Central High.

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Dog Still Waits for His Best Friend When He Sees School Bus, Even Though She Left for College

By Maya Chung – Inside Edition

One loyal dog still waits for his best friend to get off the school bus every day, despite the fact that she’s already gone off to college.

Next to the Twitter image of her dog, Bo, peeking out their home window, Carly Dunn wrote, “I’ve been in college for a whole semester and my dog still waits for me to get off the bus.”

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After nearly 56 years driving the school bus, Marlene Bush is retiring

CLARKSBURG – When Marlene Bush began her bus driving career in 1961, there were no other female drivers.

A parent even expressed concern about having their child ride with a female bus driver.

“I was just a young girl, and you never heard of women bus drivers then,” said Bush, who, after nearly 56 years as a bus driver for schools in the Northern Berkshires, dropped off her last students on Friday.

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Phoenix teen leaves school bus to rescue his dog from burning house

A 14-year-old north Phoenix boy jumped off a school bus when he saw smoke coming from his house Friday morning and ran home to open the back door so his dog could escape, according to the Phoenix Fire Department.

Fire crews later doused the blaze at the house in the 20000 block of North 17th Drive, Capt. Aaron Ernsberger said.

The dog, a pit bull mix named Zach, was safe, but the house had extensive damage.

Cheyenne Shelton, 17, said she saw the rescue from her house next door.

“I’m so happy that dog got out,” Shelton said. “That boy was very brave, and he did all the right things, too.”

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