STAI Membership

STAI Membership

Why You Should Join STAI

The School Transportation Association of Indiana is dedicated to providing its members with education and training opportunities to enhance safe school bus transportation for Indiana children. Development of ideas and improvement of services is fostered by sharing within this membership group. Join with us to further this endeavor by becoming a member.

Our purpose is to:

  • Promote and encourage safety, efficiency and economy in the operation of pupil transportation systems.
  • Bring together transportation personnel within the state of Indiana in cooperation with other related agencies.
  • Share concerns and ideas in an attempt to provide safe, healthy and efficient transportation to students.
  • Encourage uniformity of standards and operational procedures.

Types of Membership ($50)

Any school transportation personnel involved in the operations of pupil transportation programs in the state of Indiana shall be eligible for membership in this association. This member will be able to vote at the Annual Membership/Conference Meetings, and may hold an office within the Board of Directors.

  • Individual member:  This type of membership applies to those individuals who pay for membership from personal funds.
  • Institutional member:  A School Corporation may pay institutional membership for any Indiana school personnel.

Membership is open to those members or firms who are commercially interested in the field of school bus transportation including exhibitors or other school bus transportation related professionals. This member may not vote or hold an office.